About Me

Hello! I’m Emma Whiteside. I am a beauty therapist with a passion for helping my guests feel their most beautiful. We all look in the mirror each day and consciously or subconsciously make judgments about our appearances. It’s my goal to make you feel like the most gorgeous version of yourself while simultaneously improving your health.

I’ve been in the beauty industry for almost a full decade now. I started my career as a young teenager completing work experience for a beauty salon in Mornington and ended up working my way to becoming the manager! I worked there for five years, learning everything I could, and completed a diploma of beauty therapy so my on-the-ground experience was complemented academically. I’ve always made an effort to further my knowledge by learning under the best industry experts I could find: Chiza Westcarr (Nutritional Skincare Academy), Lia Trebilock (Skin Education International), and Florence Barrett-Hill (Certificate in Advanced Skin Analysis). I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science.

If you have known me well over the years, it’s really no surprise that this is where I’ve ended up. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and I’ve always experienced trouble with my skin. Being able to help others with similar conditions is incredibly rewarding work. Because I’ve been there, I can intimately understand and empathise with my clients’ physical insecurities.

Em’s Beauty Boutique has been quite the journey! I opened up shop in 2015, and in just three years I have worked my way out of my garage to subletting from two hairdressing salons. I’ve also worked alongside and learned from two other beauty businesses. Quitting my job and taking that leap of faith in choosing to work for myself wasn’t easy, but is one of the best decisions I ever made. In December last year, my baby business grew up: I opened my very own independent salon. Come into my salon to be treated with gorgeous lash extensions/lifts, bronzy spray tans and facials that will make your skin glow.

What’s next for Em’s Beauty Boutique? Well, as soon as I finish my Bachelor, I will be a fully qualified Skin Naturopath!

Like the women I look up to, I have carefully stepped from one stone to another. It hasn’t always been clear cut, but I took one step at a time and have arrived to a place in my life where I am thrilled to spend each of my days making people feel even more beautiful. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy my clients experience after treating themselves to a nourishing facial or some pretty eyelash extensions. It puts a massive smile on my face.

I’m so grateful to all of my past, present, and future clients for supporting me as I do the work I love to do. At Em’s Beauty Boutique, you will always be treated like the queen that you are.

  • “I believe anything is possible.
  • I see opportunity when others see impossibility
  • I take risks.I’m focused. I hustle.
  • I know that nothing is unrealistic
  • I feel overwhelming love
  • I embrace my childlike wonder & curiosity
  • I take flying leaps into the unknown
  • I contribute to something bigger than myself
  • I create.I learn. I grow. I do.
  • I believe it’s never too late to start living a dream