Luscious lashes that last for months!

$89 with one of our qualified therapists or

$99 with Em the clinic owner

What to expect with a lash lift….

    • > Involves the lifting of your own natural eyelashes using a perm solution.
    • > Comfortable treatment that takes approx. 40min
    • > Natural lashes will appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions
    • > Minimal after care is required! You can still swim, shower & play no FUSS
    • > Lasts 6-8 weeks some clients even up to 12 weeks
    • > You can now throw away those eyelash curlers.
    • > No need to apply mascara anymore (optional)
    • > Suitable for short or long lashes
    • > Nourishing and conditioning for lashes
    • > Includes a complimentary lash tint which lasts 4-5 weeks. This will make your new curl darker and your eyelashes will pop!

Before you attend your appointment please..

    • > Arrive WITHOUT mascara as this will effect the outcome of your lash lift
    • > Remove contacts if you wear them

How to look after your lashes after being lift…

    • > Avoid hot steamy showers, steam, saunas, submerging face in water or oil and makeup on the lashes for 24 hours post treatment.

The lash lift is now the one of the most popular and trending treatment throughout the beauty industry.


Eyelash tint $27
Eyebrow and lash tint $35


Will the lashlift damage my natural eyelashes?

With years of experience with the lash lift, we know all the correct techniques to ensure the best treatment result we also only redo the lashlift every 8 weeks to ensure to safety of your natural eyelashes.

I have reacted to eyelash extensions before will i be ok to have the lashlift?

The lashlift treatment is suitable for anyone with sensitive eyes. The perming solution we apply is very gentle and safe to be used near the eye area.

Is there any on other technicians work?

Unfortunately we don’t. It is my experience and opinion that there are a lot of different techniques, adhesives and eyelash brands that are being used in the beauty industry. We can not guarantee the standard that your eyelashes are in and complete removal and reapplication may be required.

How long do i have to wait after eyelash extensions to have the lashlift?

This depends on each individual, a minimum of 4 weeks is recommended but depending on how long you have been having eyelash extensions and the condition they are in you may require 3 months which is the full life cycle. A use of Eyenvy eyelash growth serum/conditioner will help speed up this process and help to restore the strength and promote healthy growth.

Are you ready to start this journey with us ?