What you need to be aware of when starting new skincare!

What you need to be aware of when starting new skincare!

Skin Transition Phase

Your skincare history and skin barrier function is as unique as your fingerprint!

This is why some of our clients skin will go through an adjustment or “purging” phase when they first start using Dermaviduals.

This is something we don’t want you to be scared of!

Let’s break it down and empower you through this transition!

1. No all SkinCare brands CARE

Previous brands you were using may have been filled with:

  • Emulsifiers
  • Silicones
  • Mineral Oils
  • Perfumes/Essential oils

These ingredients smell great and may have made the surface of your skin feel great but when you peak deeper into the layers of your skin chaos has taken place and skin cell communication has also been cut off!

It can take 4-12 weeks for the ingredients within your old skincare brand to be removed “purged” from the skin which can cause temporary redness/dryness/breakouts.

2. Goodbye safety blanket

Once you stop using your old skincare brand you have suddenly removed your skin’s “safety blanket” that it had grown used to over the years. Suddenly your skin cells have to re-learn how to communicate for the first time! This process also takes time and can trigger an adjustment phase.

When you start to learn a new skill for the first time you don’t become a pro overnight! The same goes for your little skin cells, give them time to learn to work at their optimum!

Hello Medical grade delivery systems!

Dermaviduals is a medical grade skincare company that has the powerful DMS delivery system.

Old skin care you used = Sits on the surface of the skin

Dermaviduals = Penetrates deep into the dermis of the skin

This means powerful and active ingredients are able to influence your skin cells and their function for the first time – again give your skin time to adjust to this powerful delivery system!

28 days = 1 new cycle of skin cells – it can take up to 3 new skin cycles for your skin to rebalance.

What on earth are Langerhan cells?

Think of these cells as “security guards”. They are involved in your skins innate and adaptive immunity. Your Langerhan cells are suddenly been activated as you are now using new medical grade products that can penetrate deeper into your skin. Stored silicone/fragrances/essential oils from your old skincare are suddenly able to hitch a ride with the Dermaviduals DMS delivery system and penetrate deeper into the skin than ever before. Your security guards notice this and immediately create an immune reaction = redness/irritation/inflammation/redness and breakouts. This is why its so important to never mix any other products/brands with your Dermaviduals products. Your old products can take 4-12 weeks to purge from the skin.

Super interesting fact – Langerhan cells are concentrated around our mouth and eyes – have you even noticed that these areas of your skin are the first to flare after exposure to a chemical/food intolerance/stressor!? This is why!


Are you ready to start this journey with us ?